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Leadership Initiatives

Developing, guiding and securing the leaders of tomorrow by investing in real estate young and mid-career professionals.

Leadership Initiatives

ULI members are leaders in the land-use and development industries.  Rising to that level requires dedication, perseverance, and opportunities to develop, practice and connect with professionals who can share their experience and knowledge.  ULI Chicago is committed to fostering and securing the talent of young and mid-career members who want to further their career by developing the skills to become leaders in the industry and in ULI.

Leadership initiatives, available to ULI members only, provide some of the best opportunities for professionals at any level to deepen their ties to ULI while developing the critical skills and network necessary to succeed.  These popular programs are application or nomination-based (on an annual basis) and are becoming more and more competitive.  From mentorship to product-based councils and specialty groups, these programs are the basis of a successful career path.

Learn more about each separate program by clicking through the options on the right or contact ULI Chicago to discuss which programs will fit your needs and career level.

ULI Chicago is building the next generation of leaders and you can be one of them!