Mentorship Program

Connecting our young professionals with ULI Chicago real estate industry veterans for opportunities to grow as RE professionals.

Mentorship Program

Mission and Overview

The mission of the ULI Chicago Mentorship Program is to foster an exchange of professional ideas, friendship, and expertise among young real estate professionals (under 35 years of age) and industry veterans. The Program matches ULI Under 35 members (Protégés) with experienced professionals (Mentors) for guidance and support. Mentors have the opportunity to interact and strengthen ties with future leaders of ULI and the local real estate community.

Over the course of the ULI Chicago Mentorship Program, Mentors will meet with their Protégé at five formal events (as well as several optional events) organized by ULI Chicago but are also highly encouraged to meet more frequently as appropriate. Each Protégé will have an opportunity to learn about various aspects of the real estate business directly from industry leaders. Mentors will provide career and professional advice to develop the Protégés capacity to succeed in the real estate industry.


True mentoring is more than just answering occasional questions or providing ad hoc advice – it is about creating a unique relationship and maintaining an ongoing dialogue. Mentors can help you set and achieve career goals, make well-informed business decisions, learn new skills or simply offer an unbiased perspective when facing new challenges at work. The Mentorship Program provides an opportunity for ULI Under 35 members to develop mentoring relationships with senior ULI Members. Through these relationships, Protégés gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience, and in many cases a lifelong friend and potential future business partner.


The ULI Chicago Mentorship Program is open to ULI Under 35 members. All applicants must have a minimum of four years of experience in the real estate industry.  Past Mentorship Program participants are eligible to reapply.

The Request for Applications will open in Fall 2017.