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Women’s Leadership Initiative

WLI - raising the visibility and number of women leaders in ULI and the real estate industry. A developing initiative for ULI Chicago.

Women’s Leadership Initiative

The ULI Chicago Women’s Leadership Initiative was launched in 2015 to raise the visibility and number of women leaders in ULI and the real estate industry.  Chicago’s WLI initiative shares the four primary goals of ULI’s national WLI program to:

  • promote the advancement of women
  • increase the number of women who serve in leadership positions
  • increase the visibility of women leaders
  • increase the number of women who are active ULI Full members

Headed by past District Council Chair and Advisory Board Member, Kelley Smith, Kensington Realty Advisors, Inc., the Chicago WLI surveyed a representative group of ULI Chicago women members and coordinated several small brainstorming sessions in order to develop a local agenda.

A first critical step was to partner with the Goldie B. Wolfe Miller Women Leaders in Real Estate Initiative (GBWM) who share common goals and leadership.  As a longtime ULI member, Ms. Wolfe Miller announced program support and guidance for the ULI Chicago initiative.  Read more about the partnership with the GBWM Initiative

For further information and recent WLI developments, contact ULI Chicago at 773-549-4972 or Chicago@uli.org.

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