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Building Reuse Implementation Memorandum Released

ULI Chicago has released the Building Reuse Implementation Memorandum to provide a roadmap for translating ideas and recommendations presented in the building reuse report into actions.

Developed under the leadership of building reuse taskforces with insights from industry stakeholders, the memorandum outlines policy and code changes and outreach and education efforts that can help overcome common, but significant barriers to reusing older buildings in Chicago’s neighborhoods. Streamlining the approval process for reuse projects and incremental code changes, such as reducing the number of required off-street parking spaces and raising thresholds for new construction compliance so that minor alterations to building interiors do not trigger new construction standards for the entire structure, could tilt the balance towards reuse instead of demolition for many buildings.

ULI Chicago will continue to work with and support the Departments of Buildings and Planning & Development at the City of Chicago in their efforts to return vacant/underutilized older buildings to productive, vibrant uses and strengthen the City’s neighborhoods.

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