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Part 2 | Chicago Product Council Members Talk the Benefit of Participating on a CPC. Learn More and Apply Today!

Curious about the Chicago Product Council initiative?
We sat down with returning Chicago Product Council Members to discuss all things CPC. Check out their insights on the opportunity, and consider applying today!

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Cindy Malone
SVP/Director of Sales, Chicago Title Insurance Company

Q: Tell us about one of your favorite experiences from this past year’s program.
A: I have truly loved every Product Council meeting. The interaction among fellow Council members is great.  …My favorite was the behind the scenes tour of Wrigley Field. It started with an overview by Hickory Street Capital. They shared their philosophy of keeping things local and discussed all they have been doing within and outside of the stadium. We walked over to the Addison & Clark Project currently under construction by MR Development and Bucksbaum Retail Properties, where we heard about the acquisition process and the plans for the project. This was followed by a hardhat tour of the new Zachary hotel with a bit of inside information of the F&B to come. We ended the ½ day with a happy hour at the Brickhouse Tavern. Could not have asked for a better day at the office.

Q: This program is open to every ULI Chicago member in any industry category – how have you experienced and seen this as a benefit?
A: I have met so many new people from our Industry. The one-on-one opportunity to network with the Council Members is so beneficial. The in-depth discussions and many times “insider” information you get from the presentations and tours is invaluable.

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Lance Ramella
President, Housing Trends, LLC

Q: What motivated you to initially get involved in CPC, and how did the program compare to your expectations?
A: I was a member of a national product council and thought that a local product council would be more relevant to my business and would help me create local contacts that I could actually use in my business. My expectations were exceeded as I definitely get more out of the local product council than I do the national council. We meet five times per year, instead of twice per year and our programming is much more relevant than national programming.

Q: This program is open to every ULI Chicago member in any industry category – how have you experienced and seen this as a benefit?
A: The diversity within our flight is great in terms of industry coverage as well as experience. We have members who have been in the industry for two years and 30 years. It makes for great conversations on council days. I have found that many of the younger members are eager to get involved with programming and event coordination.

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Matt Robertson
Senior VP & CRE Division Manager, MB Financial Bank, N.A.

Q: This program is open to every ULI Chicago member in any industry category – how have you experienced and seen this as a benefit?
A: It opens your networking and conversations up to a variety of individuals that you might not normally seek out.  As a banker I am typically looking at just the financial aspect of a project, but being a part of ULI and a product council gives you exposure to other areas of real estate and forces you to think about the bigger picture of a project 

Q: What can those considering applying for the CPC program look forward to for the 2018 year?
A: Exciting and detailed presentations in unique locations throughout the City.  “Open Book” discussions with leaders and plenty of time for Q&A which lets members dive in even deeper to a topic.

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Applications for the 2018 Chicago Product Councils are now being accepted through Friday, December 8, 2018. Learn more about the Chicago Product Council initiative and Apply Today!


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