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New ULI Publication Examines Creative Use And Adaptation Of Infrastructure To Support Compact Development

ULI PRESS RELEASE WASHINGTON (December 18, 2012) – Successful strategies for creatively using and adapting infrastructure to support more dense development in America’s suburbs are highlighted in Shifting Suburbs: Reinventing Infrastructure for Compact Development, a new report from the Urban Land Institute (ULI).

The report focuses on the growing trend for suburbs to be redesigned and redeveloped to be more people-oriented than car-dependent, offering more options for walking, cycling or using public transit to get from one place to another. With the U.S. population anticipated to grow by 95 million people over the next 30 years, and with the vast majority of this growth expected to occur in the suburbs of metropolitan areas, the challenge of providing the appropriate infrastructure to encourage compact growth has never been more important, notes Shifting Suburbs. Specifically, suburban arterials and first ring suburbs would benefit from the development of new approaches to solving infrastructure and land use challenges, it says.

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