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ULI Chicago Panel Recommends Redevelopment Strategies for the Village of Mundelein’s Southside Corridor

On April 3-4, 2018, a Technical Assistance Panel convened by ULI Chicago at the invitation of the Village of Mundelein, IL, worked collaboratively to prepare recommendations regarding redevelopment potential and appropriate land uses for key sites along Mundelein’s southside corridor. Several under-performing and vacant sites along Mundelein’s Townline Road (IL Route 60) represent a variety of development opportunities that have the potential to transform Mundelein’s southside.

ULI Chicago’s panelists worked collaboratively over the 2 days to create realistic and implementable recommendations for the Village regarding future land uses, transportation and streetscape enhancements, and effective development tools for the study area. Key recommendations include ensuring the continued success of the corridor’s anchors, especially significant employers such as Medline Industries and Northfield Block. The panel recommends leveraging the strong demand for residential and industrial space in the Village to redevelop vacant commercial sites with new uses.

As Panel Chair, Lance Ramella, said “Mundelein has a tremendous opportunity in these vacant commercial sites, especially Oak Creek Plaza. New big-box retail is unlikely, but smaller, convenience-focused retail along with new residential and well-designed open space can create a new destination in Mundelein’s southside.”

For more information on the panel’s findings, please read the full Redevelopment Strategies for the Southside Corridor Report.

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