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New ULI Report Says Density Should be a Priority

Embracing “good” density should be a priority for cities, according to Density: Drivers, Dividends and Debates, a new report published by ULI. The report makes the case for investing in density and offers an agenda for advocacy, demonstration, and public education on density issues. The publication is the first piece of work in ULI’s new density initiative, which seeks to increase knowledge of density in the real estate industry and beyond; address the potential social, economic, and environmental benefits of investing in density; and devise strategies to make density a priority for the public sector.

The report draws upon on a survey of ULI members and interviews with international city experts and industry leaders on whether the case for living more densely has long term benefits to people, the environment and investments. It reveals the growing importance the real estate industry is placing on density as populations continue to increase offering the following agenda for achieving successful density in cities worldwide:

  • Increase evaluation of city densities across the world and catalogue the “ingredients” of success.
  • Identify whether a global density benchmark can be developed to protect land from urban sprawl.
  • Train planners and urbanists to be bolder and more effective in planning for density.
  • Support for city leaders to learn how to promote density.
  • Mount and disseminate demonstration initiatives that reveal how density works for liveability.
  • Support for long term planning that delivers for the future citizens and not just for present preferences.

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Download Density: Drivers, Dividends and Debates

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