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How Strong is Your Networking Game?


Whether new to the industry or a seasoned professional, there’s always something to be gained from networking. Take a look at these top opportunities, and put your skills into play at our upcoming Spring Networking Event.


Unexpected Market Prospects
Reading up on industry publications and hearing from expert panels at our breakfast meetings are key ways to stay up-to-date on RE trends. But what about those market opportunities under the radar? Collaborating with colleagues outside the typical industry setting will spark conversation otherwise undiscussed.

Six Degrees of Separation
With over 1,400 ULI Chicago members, and another large network of guests attending our events, you never know who you will meet, and who they may know. In an industry as dynamic and evolving as ours, it’s essential to continually expand your network.

Land a Deal
Imagine landing a deal over a game of ping-pong – a completely plausible scenario at our Spring Networking Event. In a room of 150 members and guests enjoying a casual atmosphere, there’s no better setting to pitch and close.

Connecting Beyond the Business Card
While your ROI from networking may seemingly come from landing a deal or making a new business connection, sometimes it is equally as important to gain a mentor, a friend, or find inspiration in colleagues’ endeavors. Don’t hold back from looking at benefits beyond the business card.

While the core components of networking stand the test of time, the atmosphere it takes place in has evolved.  Join us for an evening of engaging networking in an upbeat setting. We’ve even prepared an ice breaker for you… “How about a game of ping-pong?”

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