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Transform Your Commute into a Journey – Leading Voices Podcast Series

What do you listen to on your daily travels to and from the office? What if you could experience a private panel just by popping in your headphones or turning up the dial in the comfort of your car? A new, original podcast series, Leading Voices with ULI, launched earlier this year to provide you with just that.

Hosted by ULI Foundation Governor Matt Slepin, Founder, Terra Search Partners, the series interviews innovative professionals from around the globe making an impact in the real estate and land use industries, taking a candid look at their career journey, life obstacles overcome, and reflections on their pathways to success.

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the series, so we decided to give it a listen, and share our thoughts with you.

  • Episode: MaryAnne Gilmartin, President & CEO, Forest City Ratner Companies – March 21, 2017
  • Length: 48 minutes
  • Overview: The content-rich conversation began with an honest look at Gilmartin’s upbringing, including inspiring lessons learned from being raised by a single mother. Gilmartin openly discussed these personal, formative years to set the stage for her career overview. “The only constant in my life was change,” she noted, describing it as good training ground for her professional endeavors that followed. The remaining bulk of the episode, 40 minutes, dug deep into Gilmartin’s career with Forest City Ratner Companies, including New York City developments like the New York Times Building, Barclays Center and the Greater Pacific Park project. Concepts of risk and placemaking guided the chat, with underlying themes of balance, courage, and conviction added a very human touch.
  • Final Thoughts: All in all, the episode had an ideal pace for easy listening, with just the right balance of personal and professional insight with honest conversation between Slepin and his guest.

We highly recommend integrating these podcasts into your commute, lunch break, or down time as an easy and engaging way to expand your industry knowledge and embrace all ULI has to offer.

Each episode will be made available for public download, only for a limited time, before being moved to ULI member–only access. Listeners can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or find episodes at uli.org/leadingvoices.

Questions about Leading Voices? Contact leadershipnetwork@uli.org.

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