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Panel Recommendations Taking Shape Following Woodstock TAP

ULI Chicago’s TAP recommendations are guiding the City of Woodstock as it moves forward with rehabilitating the Old Courthouse and Sheriff’s House in its historic Square. One of the key recommendations of the Woodstock TAP was to form an Advisory Board that could lead the charge, and build broad support at the community and regional level for these historic structures.

Based on this recommendation, the City has formed the Old Courthouse and Sheriff’s House Advisory Commission, which is now actively working to advance the rehabilitation process, including identifying potential funding sources to stabilize and renovate the historic buildings. ULI Chicago Panel Chair, Ray Hartshorne, Partner, Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture, participated in the Commission’s meeting on March 21, 2016 to explain the thinking behind the panel’s recommendations.

Ray applauded the City and the Commission for their continued dedication and work towards preserving the Old Courthouse and Sheriff’s House. He emphasized that Woodstock, with its historic square and beautiful, pre-Civil War era buildings including the Old Courthouse, presents a unique and highly desirable living environment that cities and neighborhoods elsewhere are trying to emulate. Recognizing that financing the expensive rehabilitation process is currently the biggest challenge, Ray recommended that the Commission focus its energy on marketing the vision of the rehabilitated Old Courthouse and Sheriff’s House to a wide group of potential financial partners and donors. ULI Chicago will continue to follow the City’s progress and serve as a resource whenever possible.

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