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The Group that TAPS Together Stays Together

In summer of 2016, ULI Chicago convened a Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) to help the Village of Gurnee create a plan to reinvigorate East Grand Avenue.  The TAP team included planners, developers, architects, financiers, market researchers and economic development specialists, all members of ULI Chicago.

Over the course of two days, the team toured Gurnee, met with the Mayor, other city officials, business owners and local stakeholders, garnering data and perspectives that were translated into a series of both long-term and immediately-actionable recommendations that the Village of Gurnee could implement.  Read the Complete Gurnee TAP Report

Not only did the team enjoy the intellectual challenge and the opportunity to give back that a TAP presents, but they formed a lasting bond of friendship and new business relations.  They recently held their 4th reunion since they completed the TAP, and although the picture might indicate otherwise, the relationships are not just based on wine and food!

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