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ULI Works…in Chicago: Fall Meeting BuildUp – Pullman Historic District Pushing for National Park Status

The Pullman State Historic District, one of ten Mobile Workshops offered during the Fall Meeting, may soon become an urban National Park pending an economic feasibility study.  According to the National Park Service (NPS) “…the district has a unique historical significance that makes it an appropriate candidate for a park.”    Read more

ULI Chicago’s 2011 technical assistance panel recommended a partnership with the NPS as an important strategic element of a redevelopment strategy.  The panel emphasized the need for creative partnership at the national, state and city level, and among historic preservation and local neighborhood groups to realistically implement any of the report recommendations.

George Pullman, who designed and manufactured the Pullman Sleeping Car, built Pullman as the first company town.  Situated adjacent to the factory, the “town” featured housing, shopping, churches, theaters, parks, a hotel and a library for employees.  Mobile Workshop participants will see the centerpiece of the complex, the Administration Building (shown here), and the Hotel Florence, named after Pullman’s daughter, among other structures on-site and in the surrounding community.  Don’t miss this fascinating tour of one of Chicago’s lasting historical treasures.

Read more about the Pullman State Historic Site TAP and recent developments in the community

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