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Winnetka’s Opportunity Sites Workshop continues Technical Assistance Services provided by ULI Chicago

ULI Chicago recently conducted the Winnetka Opportunity Sites Workshop, the second in a series of technical assistance services provided to the Village of Winnetka. The 8-member panel focused on long-term strategies to revitalize Winnetka’s commercial areas while remaining balanced, economically sustainable, and consistent with existing community character. ULI Chicago hopes that recommendations and lessons-learned from the Workshop will help communities around the Chicago region struggling with similar issues.

In February of this year, ULI Chicago conducted the Winnetka Commercial Districts TAP which assessed three distinct business districts (Indian Hill, Elm Street, and Hubbard Woods) around three commuter rail stations along the Green Bay Road corridor. The panel included review of the Winnetka Shopper Survey completed by area residents.  A written report was produced and informed the Workshop discussion in June.

Review the Workshop and Panel Scope of Work
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Thank you to the following experts who volunteered their time for the Winnetka Opportunity Sites Workshop:

Michael Tobin, U.S. Equities Realty LLC

Todd Berlinghof, Hamilton Partners
Scott Cyphers, Booth Hansen
Michael Fitzgerald, OKW Architects
Jim Kaplan, James Kaplan Companies, LLC
Mary Ellen Martin, Morningside Group
G. Benjamin Ranney, Terra Firma Co.
Rael D. Slutsky, Epstein



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