ULI in the Community

ULI Chicago coordinates its many activities through a strategic, integrated, mission-driven Program of Work at the international, national and local levels.

ULI in the Community

ULI Chicago’s local initiatives are transforming communities while fulfilling the mission and ideals of the organization. Our work is integrated and compelling and is guided by the following Policy and Practice Focus Areas.

Promoting Intelligent Densification and Urbanization

  • Identifying responsible ways to provide cost-effective housing for a population that is becoming increasingly urbanized
  • Defining the relationship between a dynamic society and the built environment

ULI Chicago’s Development Dialogues foster discussion between ULI members and municipal leaders connecting community growth, economic potential and development opportunities in the current economy.

Creating Resilient Communities

  • Defining the best new business models in the real estate and land use industry and supporting their development in creating thriving communities
  • Influencing land use leaders locally and around the world to reshape the process of community building

ULI Chicago’s Technical Assistance Services addresses land use challenges in many neighborhoods across the City and Suburbs

Understanding Demand and Market Forces

  • Understanding the demand (quantity, type, price, and location of the need) for real estate and discovering what the market wants and needs short-term vs long-term
  • Balancing local, regional, national, and global interests as well as public and private on land use decisions and development
  • Understanding how changing technology influences buildings, development and how people interact with the physical environment

ULI Chicago’s Monthly Programming, including our long-standing breakfast series, responds to local market issues

Connecting Capital and the Built Environment Through Value

  • Generating value in the built environment that is greater than its cost
  • Identifying the best ways to ensure the attractiveness of real estate as an investment and explain the relationship between investment in public projects and the impact on real estate value

ULI Chicago’s Infrastructure Game Changer Model addresses the impact of infrastructure on economic development

Integrating Energy, Resources, and Uses Sustainably

  • Reducing the negative impact of the built environment on our natural resources and climate and studying future trends
  • Identifying the best ways to use the world’s energy resources and protect the built environment from volatile and unpredictable conditions

ULI Chicago’s Infrastructure Initiative examines issues of sustainability and the collaborative Preservation Compact, now a Legacy Program, focuses on the preservation of affordable rental housing.