Game Changers

What are the game changing projects in your community?

ULI Chicago’s Infrastructure Game Changers is a national model for identifying significant infrastructure projects and their potential influence on land use and economic development.

Game Changers

An infrastructure game changer is a project related to transportation, water, utilities, parks or open space that has benefits far beyond its immediate impact.  ULI Chicago’s infrastructure game changers process is a flexible and affordable analysis tool:

  • Scalable: the process can be adapted to any city or region, big or small
  • Comprehensive: the process works across the entire range of infrastructure projects
  • Affordable: no new time-intensive and expensive studies are required
  • Tailored: evaluation criteria are flexible and can be aligned with chosen priorities
  • Partnership Oriented: designed to be led by a group outside of government and the direct providers of infrastructure, the process encourages partnerships among the public, private, and non-profit sectors
  • Implementation Focused: the process looks at how to advance or get the most out of planned infrastructure projects.

The Game Changers Process in Action

ULI Chicago developed and tested the infrastructure game changers process on two study areas within the greater Chicago region. The studies use five criteria: economic competitiveness, opportunity, environmental sustainability, support, and funding and financial feasibility.

Regional Infrastructure in Northeastern Illinois: Infrastructure’s Role in Maintaining Greater Chicago’s Competitive Edge identifies nine regionally significant infrastructure projects in the seven counties of Northeastern Illinois and explains how they could influence land use and impact economic development.

The Lakeshore Industrial Heritage Corridor: Infrastructure’s Role in Revitalizing Lake Michigan’s South Shore Communities looks at infrastructure and development in the border region of Chicago and Northwest Indiana.

Learn more about bringing Infrastructure Game Changers to your Community

ULI Chicago welcomes the opportunity to share more about the game changers process and the identification of game-changing projects in your community.
Please contact ULI Chicago at 773-549-4972.