Lakeshore Industrial

ULI Chicago’s Infrastructure Game Changers process identified 13 projects in the Lakeshore Industrial Heritage Corridor that can help propel the area toward achieving a solid vision for the corridor’s future that embraces industry, nature, and people that leaders on both the Illinois and the Indiana sides of the state border have adopted.

Lakeshore Industrial

suburban_mapThe Lakeshore Industrial Heritage Corridor is an area in transition. Industry, although having lost its dominance, is still significant. But what is next? The 13 projects in the study area, when taken as a whole, truly become catalytic and transformative. The project summaries and the map show how these projects build on and link to one another. As in the children’s game of “connect the dots,” following one project to the next reveals how these projects outline, encompass, connect, and define the corridor and its future. Interact with the map to learn more about the study area.  Read the Urban Land Article on the project.

The thirteen projects included in the Study Area are listed and individual summary reports can be reviewed and downloaded at right.

ULI Chicago also used the infrastructure game changers process to analyze Regional Infrastructure in Northeastern Illinois.