Northeastern Illinois

ULI Chicago’s Infrastructure Game Changers process identified and evaluated nine regionally significant infrastructure projects in Northeastern Illinois and their associated land use effects to increase connectivity, foster equitable growth, and retain the region’s competitive edge.

Northeastern Illinois

northeastern_il_mapAs the Chicago region grows, its infrastructure must continue to provide a solid foundation for economic prosperity while enhancing the region’s quality of life. The collective success of the Chicago region hinges on the success of its 284 individual communities. The Regional Infrastructure in Northeastern Illinois report presents a portfolio of infrastructure projects from the northern, southern, and western areas of the Greater Chicago region, totaling at least $15.42 billion in regional infrastructure investment. Interact with the map to learn more about the study area.

The nine projects included in the Study Area are listed and individual summary reports can be reviewed and downloaded on the right.

ULI Chicago also used the infrastructure game changers process to analyze the Lakeshore Industrial Heritage Corridor.