Policy Forums

ULI Chicago’s “Members Only” policy and practice series offers members a smaller, more intimate gathering focused on specific policy issues.

Policy Forums

ULI Chicago’s Policy Forums are a member-only series focusing on public policy issues.  Forums extend ULI’s outreach to public sector leaders to encourage and support excellence in land use decision making. By providing public officials with access to information, best practices, peer networks, and other resources, ULI fosters creative, efficient, practical, and sustainable land use policies.

Energy Use and Commercial Real Estate:  A Members Only Policy & Practice Forum
September 27, 2012
This program offered perspectives on the increasingly important role energy consumption plays in commercial real estate value. The panelists addressed the key current issues, including models for disclosing and reducing energy use in commercial buildings, successful public-private partnerships to create economic and environmental sustainability, and innovative government programs to incentivize energy savings.
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Housing on the Rebound:  A Members Only Policy & Practice Forum
June 14, 2012
Housing vacancies, weak demand, and foreclosures brought housing to a crash in Chicago, but is there evidence that the market is making a comeback, particularly for infill and rental housing?  This event featured local officials discussing the innovative techniques they are exploring at the ward, city and county level to combat foreclosure and vacancy and support a neighborhood-driven recovery.
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Perspectives on TIF and TIF Reform in Chicago and Beyond:
A Members Only Policy & Practice Forum
November 2011
A panel of practitioners from government, business and academia discussed the track record and the current and future status of tax increment financing in Chicago and elsewhere in light of the state of the economy and the financial markets, the City’s recent reform panel report, and the general posture of government toward economic development.
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