RTA Partnership

Working in partnership with the Regional Transportation Authority promoting transit-oriented development in the region.

RTA Partnership

ULI Chicago and the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), the oversight agency for Pace, Metra and CTA, are working together to encourage and promote transit-oriented development.  In cooperation with the RTA’s Local Planning and Programs Division, ULI Chicago is providing member expertise and guidance to municipalities throughout the six-county Chicagoland region to attract and encourage mixed-use, transit-oriented development.

Known as Developer Panels, these half-day sessions help communities refine existing plans to a point where they will be successful attracting developers to implement their TOD plan.  Read more about the RTA/ULI Chicago partnership 

The RTA and ULI Chicago have conducted 15 panels to date using ULI member expertise in land use and development as a highly respected source for neutral, un-biased information.  Each panel is custom-tailored to address the community’s specific issue and key community members, such as planning department members and the Mayor or City Manager, typically attend to receive immediate feedback. Learn more about the RTA’s Community Planning Program

The RTA partnership is a component of ULI Chicago’s broader Technical Assistance Services (TAS) program.