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2014 Vision Awards Event A Spectacle!

The venue for the 2014 Vision Awards was truly unique.  The Redmoon Theater, founded in 1990, is a creative space located in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago that hosts productions and participatory events.  Prior to the program, ULI members and guests were treated to a cocktail reception served by a cast dressed in Edwardian Era costumes serving drinks with a bionic arm, a pedaling  “wine bike”, and a trio of hot air balloon-wielding servers with hors d’oeuvres.

The staging for the awards program was equally spectacular with a metal ladder ascending to a podium about 15 feet off the ground.  Presenters and award recipients descended the podium via a built-in slide, which added some extra thrill and hilarity to the program.

Paul Shadle of DLA Piper and Chair of ULI Chicago, opened the event by highlighting  the shared mission of ULI and of the Vision Awards nominees  and recognizing them for their creative development practices, inventive partnerships, sharing of resources, and imaginative problem solving.

Co-Chairs for the 2014 Vision Awards, Teri Frankiewicz of Crown Community Development and Kirsten Ekdahl Hull of Joseph Freed & Associates announced the winners and presented the Project and Program Category Awards.  Mary Ludgin of Heitman, who participated on the Vision Awards Jury, presented the Young Visionary Award.

Following the program, guests explored Redmoon’s theatrical sets for their current Spring Spectacle Show and enjoyed drinks and music by the Redmoon Mobile DJ.  Over 350 people attended the third annual awards event.

Congratulations to the 2014 Vision Award Winners

Authored by Martin Hansberry, Cushman & Wakefield
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