Building Reuse

Making it easier for property owners and developers to reuse older buildings instead of tearing down and building new.

Building Reuse

ULI Chicago partnered with the National Trust for Historic Preservation to encourage market-driven reuse of vacant and under-utilized buildings in Chicago. The Partnership is a part of a larger collaboration between ULI and the National Trust to enhance building reuse opportunities in major cities across the United States.  Learn about the national Partnership

Repurposing older, underutilized buildings to new uses is environmentally sustainable, can transform a source of blight into a neighborhood anchor and can also reap economic benefits. Recognizing the importance of building reuse in creating healthy, sustainable communities, the continuing goal of the Partnership is to make it easier for property owners and developers to reuse older buildings instead of tearing down and building anew.

The Partnership identified the most significant barriers to building reuse in Chicago and developed recommendations to overcome them. In addition to an in-depth analysis of building characteristics and related attributes, the Partnership conducted interviews and convened industry experts to facilitate a sharing of knowledge and experience in building reuse, leading us towards potential solutions that are grounded in reality.  Read about the Partnership’s activities in Chicago



The Partnership’s work in Chicago is being guided by the Building Reuse Committee:

Alicia Berg, Assistant Vice President, Campus Planning + Sustainability, The University of Chicago

Scott Goldstein, Principal, Teska Associates
Eleanor Gorski, Deputy Commissioner of Planning, Design, and Historic Preservation, City of Chicago
Terri Haymaker, Senior Vice President of Real Estate Services, IFF
Bridget O’Keefe, Partner, Daspin & Aument
Paul Shadle, Partner, DLA Piper
Will Tippens, Vice President, Related Midwest

National Trust for Historic Preservation
Jim Lindberg, Senior Director, Preservation Green Lab
Michael Powe, Senior Research Manager, Preservation Green Lab

Landmarks Illinois
Bonnie McDonald, President

For more information or to get involved with the local Chicago partnership, contact ULI Chicago

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