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Chicago Product Council Chair, Christy Lockridge, Talks 2017 Program. Learn More and Apply for a Council Today!

Curious about the Chicago Product Council initiative? We sat down with 2017 Blue Flight Chair, Christy Lockridge, Principal, Prudential Mortgage Capital Company, to discuss all things CPC. Check out her insight on the opportunity, and consider applying today!

Q: What motivated you to initially get involved in CPC, and how did the experience compare to your expectations?

A: I had previously been active in ULI on a national council but stepped away for a few years due to other commitments.  I was looking for a meaningful way to re-engage with ULI but was not quite ready to step back to a national level product council.  One of my co-workers was on a local CPC and gave his group high marks for the quality of content and ability to meet other local real estate peers.  My experience has exceeded expectations – I enjoy learning about new trends, what is driving development in Chicago’s neighborhoods as well as meeting fellow council members.  It is much more meaningful than reading about it in a local periodical or daily deal website.  

Q: Tell us one of your favorite experiences from this past year’s program:

A: I loved a recent CPC panel entitled “New Development Along the Hipster Highway” which detailed a rapidly gentrifying stretch of Milwaukee Avenue.  As a suburbanite, it was surprising to learn the extent of commuter bike traffic (among top 5 traveled routes in the U.S.) in addition to understanding different types of niche development occurring along the trail.  

Q: What inspired you to get more involved with CPC, moving on to serve as the Blue Flight Chair for 2017?  

A: ULI is a terrific organization and like anything else, the more you put in, the more you get out of it.  The timing was right and the local leadership is a great group of people – I am excited to work with them and learn from my fellow CPC members over the course of the next year.  It’s also fun to get out of your comfort zone and do something different.  

Q: This initiative is open to every ULI Chicago member in any industry sector – how have you experienced and seen this as a benefit?  

A: It all goes back to diversity of thought and sharing of perspectives. Whether it’s an attorney, architect, developer, lender, title representative, leasing broker or mortgage banker, etc. –  we all bring unique perspectives to any real estate discussion.  While the CPC content is very good, the discussion amongst fellow council members is equally as interesting and relevant.  

Q: What can those considering applying for a Chicago Product Council look forward to for the 2017 year?

A: The CPC groups will continue to have interesting and engaging topics for presentation and discussion.  We are also looking to tweak the format such that it fits better with CPC member’s schedules and provide more opportunities to engage with members of both councils.  

Applications for the 2017 initiative are now available. Learn more about Chicago Product Councils and Apply Today!

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